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Goodrive 200A

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- High speed pulse input to frequency command.

- Accurate parameters autotuning  and better motor driving.

- Rivet structure design ,standard C3 filters for better EMC performance.

- 0.7 -30kw internal braking units , standard high performance keypads for parameters copy and

   pluggable  terminals.

- Support three common bus modes, DC power supply , DC current, dynamic and flux braking Half-book,

    independent air duct, support flange and floor installation.

- More than 500kw can be achieved through parallel connect ,the  maximum to 3000kw.

- Simple water supply function match for pumps.

- Power range:

                      AC 3PH 220V   (0.7KW ~ 55KW)

                      AC 3PH 380V  (0.7KW~ 500KW)