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IVC3 series

Classic case
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  1.Simplified software: User-friendly graphic interface, simplifying your application

2.High performance and large capacity, well meeting the increasingly complicated process requirements
3.Applicable to small-sized automation equipment (The input and output points are within 512)
4.Dual-CPU design with high-speed and control algorithms separately processed
5.Configured with an embedded operating system, executing multiple tasks in parallel
6.Providing the motion control function; supporting two-axis linear and arc interpolation
7.Standard Ethernet interfaces, CANopen protocol and two RS485 interfaces
8.Support USB communication, which facilitates commissioning
9.Time for executing a basic logical instruction is less than 0.065 μs
10.8 high-speed inputs of 200 kHz or 4 AB phase inputs, supporting quadruple frequency control function.
11.8 high-speed outputs of 200 kHz, supporting positive and negative pulses
12.Abundant extension modules