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AC Drive

Goodrive 10 series mini inverter

Goodrive10 mini economical inverters are designed for common applications of small power OEM market, with various functions of PID, multistage speed, DC braking, Modbus communication and others. Its smaller size can further reduce the installation space (the size is about 15% smaller than similar pr

Goodrive 20

Goodrive 20 series inverter Vector control Easy maintenance Various installation ways Excellent performance Multi-function and easy to use Compatible with rail and wall installation, flexible installation MannerExternal keypad Embedded breaking units until 30kw

Goodrive 200A

High speed pulse input to frequency command Accurate parameters autotuning and better motor driving Rivet structure design ,standard C3 filters for better EMC performance 0.7 -30kw internal braking units , standard high performance keypads for parameters copy and pluggable terminals Support thr

Goodrive 35 closed loop

1.VF、Sensorless Vector Control and closed-loop vector control 2.Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motors 3.Support incremental encoders, rotating transformer encoders for closed-loop vector control 4.External LED keypad to copy parameters; Optional LCD keypad provided 5.Standard C3 fi

Goodrive 300L series for Elevator

(1)Ability to drive asynchronous and synchronous motors (2)Support open loop control mode without encoder and closed loop control mode with encoder (3)Static identification on the initial pole angle of a synchronous motor (4)Support multiple types of encoder (5)Energy-saving running mode (6)Mon