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Stenter machine (RAM).

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Stenter machine (RAM). Detials

News date : 2019-12-08

In the field of Textile industries, 4M group for industrial solutions provides a lot of solutions for all problems and issues that placed at any process in the field or by upgrading all the system of any machine using components of the leading company invt.

And the most common machine in the textile industry is stenter machine and that’s is our topic.

The stenter machine is a multifunctional machine according to manufacture and its manufacturing model and the technology of working and heating and also sections.

Our company can solve most of problems for those issues and also can make an upgrade for the control system.

Working Area.

- Using HMI for all the control levels and steps to interact with operator without losing any quality of work.

- If the customer wants to using SCADA its also available and we can use SCADA also to make reports for all stages.

- Control all motor speeds, all motions, main motor, blowers, entrance system.

- Maximize the heating system control.

- Save all errors and stops and make an industrial report for the machine and operator for quantity and quality.

- Control the main motor whatever its type: single motor, or two synchronized motors.

- Control the all entrance angles.

- Control the whole machine tension of fabrics.

- Installing encoders on any motor using any kind of encoders, incremental, absolute, sin/cos, and resolvers.